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When Calvin Met Amy

10 Feb

On a cool morning at a well-known coffee shop, Valentine’s Day was about to get interesting. Two very different people would meet. Their chance encounter would open up doors that neither of them thought they would ever enter. Things changed, when Calvin met Amy.


“Excuse me sir. You’re really holding up the line, could you hurry up and order please? These folks really need some caffeine,” said the petite young lady as she patiently waited behind an indecisive young man.


“I’m sorry. I never know what to get. This happens every time. I always feel weird when I have to make a choice, especially in front of other people,” he replied sheepishly.

In an instant the young lady suggested, “I’ll tell you what, go find a seat; I’ll order you something & bring it to you.”

With a look of puzzlement he replied “ You’d do that for me? Thanks a lot. Here’s a ten, bring me back the change please”.

“Don’t worry about it, it’s on me,” the young lady said with a grin on her face.

“Great, I’ll be sitting right over there… in the reserved section” said the young man anxiously.

The young lady received her order and proceeded to deliver the hot gift to her new friend. After a moment of awkwardness he managed to ask her if she would like to join him in enjoying a warm drink. After a moment of hesitation she agreed to share a bit of her morning with him.

“I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that your name is Grace, am I right?” he asked.

“No, my name is Amy. What ‘s yours?“ she replied.

He said “My name is Calvin. It’s good to meet you Amy. And by the way, this Skinny Latte is not something I would have chosen for myself, but I have to admit, it’s not too bad.”

After some small talk about the weather and the crowd at the mall it was clear that there was some chemistry between the two. They thought it odd the way they had met. Calvin had a meeting that had been previously arranged with some coworkers, but it seemed the coworkers were not going to show up. Amy, who had never visited that particular coffee shop just decided on a whim to stop in for a latte.  The fact that it was Valentine ’s Day added a little romance to the situation as well.

Valentine’s Day is actually what changed the conversation. Amy mentioned something about Saint Valentine and before he knew it Calvin responded with “You know he was a heretic, don’t you?” There had been no mention of religion yet so Calvin felt a little embarrassed. He hoped he hadn’t ruined anything. Sensing his embarrassment Amy replied with “I saw something on TMZ about that.” The two shared a laugh.

Religion was very important to Calvin, however. Wanting to know more about Amy he asked her if she was a Christian. She let him know that she was indeed a believer in Christ. As the two discussed their relationship with Christ they soon discovered something about them that was different. Calvin was a Calvinist and Amy, well, she was not a Calvinist. Aware of the stereo types and a little uncertain about what this meant for their chance encounter, the two delved deeper into conversation.

Calvin decided to display his knowledge of Amy’s theology. With all the tenderness of a butcher he explained to her what she believed. “The center of your religion is man. You don’t understand how sinful we really are. At the end of the day you get the credit for your salvation That doesn’t sound like grace to me. It sounds like works.” At that point he began to quote chapter and verse to prove his point. He waxed eloquent for a couple of minutes.  

Amy was somewhat afraid and upset over what she discovered about Calvin. So she decided that she would share with him what she knew about Calvinists and allow him to respond. So with all the courage she could muster up in rapid fire she blurted out

“I know that you all are trying to take over the Southern Baptist Convention.”

“I know that you don’t believe in witnessing.”

“I know that you don’t believe God loves everybody.”

“I know that you think we all are robots.”

“I know that you pretend to understand what John Piper is talking about.”

As she tried to catch her breath Calvin stopped her. “Whoa, slow down. Wow. I have to stop you. I think you may be a little confused”. Calvin felt his heart break as he saw tears well up in Amy’s eyes. And he couldn’t help but recognize that she seemed to be even prettier than before. He felt awful because it was obvious he had hurt her. Things had been going so well. He wasn’t sure where they were headed next. The two composed themselves.

As they sat in silence, a middle aged woman took the table next to them. It was clear that she was tired. Her makeup was faded, her hands a little shaky. Calvin glanced over at her and greeted her politely. “Happy Valentine’s Day” he said. She smiled and said “Happy Valentines to you too!” Amy resisted the great urge to interrupt their conversation with “You know, he was a heretic.”

“You two look like a fine couple”, the woman said looking at Amy. Not knowing how to respond Amy asked her “So, do you have big plans today?” Amy was not prepared for where that question would lead. The woman, whose name they discovered was Eunice did not have big plans. She would go home and get some sleep so she would be prepared for her midnight shift once again. It was an odd thing that happened in that coffee shop. The woman opened up to Calvin and Amy as if she had known them for years. Her husband had died a relatively young man. She would never remarry. The kids were scattered about, they visited occasionally. It was clear to both Calvin and Amy that God had opened a door in that coffee shop.

After some time Calvin asked Eunice about her relationship with Christ. She made it clear that she didn’t have one. Amy, graciously spoke to her about sin and its consequences. She spoke of God’s redeeming love revealed at the cross. She spoke of the hope that the resurrection brings. She told Eunice that forgiveness could be found by the grace of God through faith in the finished work of Christ. With a soberness that could be felt Eunice looked at Calvin and asked “Do you really think God loves me?” With certainty he said “I know He does.”

The conversation had attracted the attention of some folks at another table. They watched as Calvin, Amy and Eunice joined tables and hands for a time of quiet prayer. As the prayer ended the three stood and embraced for a moment. Providentially the three exclaimed “Praise the Lord!” in unison. Calvin took Amy by the hand. And a voice shouted from a nearby table “I’ll have what they’re having!”