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Something Pastor’s Need to Remember

28 Feb

I was sitting in my office. Easter was approaching. I like my office. I like to be alone. I don’t like people to come to my office. It’s mine. But there was a rap at the door. It opened. It was a little guy that had recently started attending church with his mom. His dad wasn’t in the picture. The kid was cute and had made an impression me and many others in the church. He was young. I’m guessing 7 or 8.

We talked for a minute. That’s all he wanted. He liked to ask questions. He started to leave. He actually had almost closed the door already. Then he cracked it back open and stuck his head in. Evidently someone told him about Good Friday. He knew that was the day we remember that Jesus died on the cross. This had created a dilemma for him. He looked at me quizzically and asked  “Why do they call it Good Friday if Jesus suffered and died on that day?” I explained to Him that it was good for us because our sin debt was paid, but not such a good day for Jesus. He was impressed with the answer. I could tell he got it. He looked at me and very seriously said “You sure know a lot. I guess that’s why they call you the passenger”.

It was all I could do not to laugh. I know he meant to say “pastor” but I didn’t think it was worth correcting at the time. After he left I thought about what he said. And I thought “Lord that is what I am. I’m just the passenger.” You know, I don’t want to drive. When I do I blow a gasket, rear end somebody, run out of gas, get in the ditch, etc. I am a horrible driver of my own life.

I think as pastors, or leaders of any kind, it would help us to see ourselves as the passenger. My granny used to have a license plate on her car that said “God is my Co-Pilot”. That really isn’t good Theology. I want the Lord to be my Pilot. I want Him to guide my steps.He doesn’t need any advice or any help from me. There’s an old song that says ‘Wherever He leads I’ll go”. One of the stanzas says “He drew me closer to His side, I sought His will to know, And in that will I now abide, Wherever He leads I’ll go.” That’s where I want to be.

Pastor, you are a passenger. Enjoy the ride. Lead your church from the passengers seat. Let Christ guide your life and your church. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” Proverbs 3:5-6