A Valentine idea for you guys. An open letter to your wife

12 Feb

This was part of my gift last year to my wife on Valentine’s day. I’m posting it to celebrate my wife but also to give some of you guys an idea about an out of the box idea for Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day. Many women will be at their jobs and a large bouquet of flowers will be delivered to them. Perhaps it will be accompanied by a stuffed animal and some candy. Everyone in the office will make a fuss over those women. My wife doesn’t work in an office. She is a stay at home mom and she is working hard on a college degree online. She doesn’t like flowers and she’s not big on large boxes of chocolate. So this is my delivery to her. I want everyone to know that she means the world to me. This is an open letter to my bride for Valentine’s Day.

In July of 1998 I met a young woman that would change my life forever.Describing her in words is unnecessary, because she is most beautiful through my eyes. Certainly there are those that see and recognize her for who she is. She is radiant, intelligent, passionate and kind. She is a mother to her children and a wife to her husband. But I see her as so much more. It is as if the Lord has given me a special grace to behold her in a way in which no other person can.

I find myself drawn to her in an unexplainable way. My marriage to her is not something I simply endure. I enjoy her. She brings joy to my soul. She inspires me. She challenges me. Presently we have been married for over 13 years. During these years, at times we have had to be apart. Sometimes for days, and once for ten days. But there has hardly been a moment that she has not been the subject of my thoughts. I would have to say that throughout the last 13 years my thoughts have been saturated with Jesus and my wife. I know that we often say we are “attracted to someone”. But it is more than that with her. There is something about her that draws me. I certainly do not think it is anything she does intentionally. I am simply taken aback, intrigued by her as a person. I am drawn to her as a collector of fine art might be drawn to a masterpiece hanging on the wall of a museum. Can you see the collector as he draws near to the work of art? He is all alone as he looks intently at the work. He inspects it. He is mesmerized by it. Others walk by, recognize the beauty and move on. But something about the work keeps this man’s attention, his affections even. He ignores the rest of the museum and spends his day beholding the beauty of this particular piece. It is clear that others recognize the beauty of my sweet wife. But they do not recognize it as I do. There is no other piece of God’s handiwork that can bring me the pleasure that she does. I have stood before her for over 13 years gazing at her beauty. I find I have not even begun to see all the beauty that lies within her. I am certain that a lifetime will not be long enough.    

I hesitate to simply say “I love my wife.” That phrase has become so cliché. I certainly do love her. But I don’t think that phrase fully expresses what I think of her. I long for her. She amazes me. I find delight in her. She is my beloved and my friend. I am perplexed when I try and understand how her small hands can have such a grasp on my heart. I can only explain the love I have for her by the grace of God. The Lord has enabled me to love her in a very unique way. I must also add that her love toward me is an extremely humbling reality. To love her is a privilege, but to be loved by her is an even greater privilege

One Response to “A Valentine idea for you guys. An open letter to your wife”

  1. cminglynormal February 12, 2013 at 5:47 pm #

    Really sweet. Thanks for sharing.

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